"I was raised on my parents farm in Kimpo about an hour from Seoul, South Korea. For many years, my three passions have been rock and mountain climbing, traveling and outdoor photography. Having had the good fortune to win the Korean National Rock Climbing Championship in 1983 and 1985, and to climb Mt.Denali and El Capitan, I have been blessed with many opportunities to experience nature at her most rare and serene vantage points. 
My photography combines three elements.
The first is the tranquility of the environment. Each scene whether a natural landscape or seascape-possesses the same Zen like peacefulness that I experienced growing up on my family's farm and later in life while climbing and camping out on remote mountaintops. I strive to capture and share this serenity with my images.
Second element is the "picture within picture"- the dominant abstract pattern which is distinct from yet related to the overall image. Because such patterns reveal themselves only through thoughtful and patient observation.
Third element is technical excellence. I personally compose, process, mount and frame my work. I pre-visualize exposure using Zone system. I then compose and capture the scene with 8x10 large and medium format cameras.
I'm privileged to have shared my fine art photography with collectors around the world. It's an endless fascination and exploration with much intrigue. 


1986        B.A Incheon University, Seoul, Korea
1998        Selected Studies of Photographers, Seoul, Korea
2003        Extended Education, San Francisco Art Institut, SF, CA


Armonk Art festival,  Armonk, NY                          2012
Ann Arbor Art,  Ann Arbor, MI                                  2008
Bellevue Museum,  Bellevue, WA                            2017
Mill Valley Art,  Mill Valley, CA                                 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012 ,2013   
Council of Art,  Austin, TX                                          2007, 2010,
Cottonwood Art,  Cottonwood, TX                        2003
Affair in the Garden,  Beverly Hills, CA                2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2019
Columbus Art , Colombus, OH                                 2008
La Quinta Art,  La Quinta, CA                                  2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
Art on the Main, Walnut Creek, CA                       2008, 2009, 2010, 201,2015
Indio South West Art, Indio, CA                              2008
Los Altos Rotary,  Los Altos, CA                               2015
Madison Art Fair, Madison, WI                               2007
Naples Art festival, Naples, FL                                2010
Salem Art,  Salem, WA                                                2008
San Diego festival of arts, CA                                  2006
Art on the Square, Madison, WI                             2009
Uptown  Art Fair, Minneapolis, MN                     2005


Apple, Cupertino, CA
Alan Pinel Real Estate, Oakland, CA
Arc Diagnostics, Fremont, CA
AtHoc, Inc, Burlingame, CA
B&M Investments Inc, San Francisco, CA
Blue Oak Energy, Davis, CA
Baker&MacKenzie, London, England
Charles Schwab, San Francisco, CA
Compass, Oakland, CA
Consulate General of Canada, NY, NY
Daniel Lowery LLP, Fort Worth, TX
Development Pediatrics, Dallas, TX
Facetime, Palo Alto, CA
Ellison Law LLC, Sacramento, CA
Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Ito, Architect, Los Angeles, CA
Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco, CA
KWS Engineering, San Francisco, CA
Max Agor Inc, Great Neck, NY
M&J DJ, Los Angeles, CA
Nextdoor, Marin, CA
Pacific Union, Oakland, CA
Pay Pal, Palo Alto, CA 
The Forsyth Institute, Boston, MA
Town Bistro, San Carlos, CA
Two four seven Hotel, New Port Beach, CA
Smith College, North Hampton, MA
Smart Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
University of California, Berkerly, CA


Boston Legal Series, Hollywood, CA
Los Angeles Times, L.A, CA
Montclarion, Oakland, CA
One Twenty Nine Films, NY, NY
San Francisco Chronicle, S.F, CA
Southwest Magazine, Indio, CA










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