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Youngbok Park is my favorite photographer. I saw his exhibit at an art festival and I was hypnotized by the beauty of his photos. He has an amazing eye and impressive photographic skill.  He published a book of his photos that is simply stunning!

Barbara S.

I stumbled on this wonderful artist during an art show. I was captivated by Park's stunning photography. I purchased several of his pieces and always get compliments and stares from visitors. Words cannot do justice of the searing emotional quality of his prints. Park is totally nice! Incredible talent.

Apple R.

Youngbok's work is serene and mesmerizing. Pictures look fantastic in my home.
Thank you for the beautiful work.

Richard A.

I'm ecstatic to have Youngbok's work in my house.  His work is terrific!  It s the best piece I have gotten this year.

Emma G.

We love, love Youngbok's work. So grateful to have his wonderful pictures. Truly an outstanding photographer!

Dan and Julia 

Your work is stunning. I'm absolutely delighted to have your beautiful pictures in my home. Thank you so much Youngbok!

Janet C.


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